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    This is the OTB website address


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    Hello everyone. Hazel Green is going to be updating her themes on OTB. So keep checking the site. She'll also have themes that need to be completed.

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    Oh good! I've been wondering about Hazel and what was going on with OTB. Thanks for the update!

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    Operation Teddy Bear

    I have done a couple of squares for Hazel and am enjoying them very much. I am currently doing Dr Hugs because my Dad is recovering from open heart surgery. As I stitch each square I think of someone special to me and their name is the one I put on the square as a signature so each one is extra special. Like all the squares done for charity, it is stitched with a lot of love and if my square makes someone smile, I am happy.

    Thank you to Ellen for her lovely designs for us to stitch and thank you to Hazel and her group for doing the quilting.

    So if you were like me and never stitched a square for charity, do one for someone you love, you will enjoy it.


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    That's not a problem SuperBlonde. I had been wondering too and she e-mailed me back because I had asked her in an e-mail if she was going to update her site and she said to keep checking OTB because she will have new themes up but ones as well that need to be completed.

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