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Thread: humbug

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    can anyone tell me what is and how to make a humbug

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    Hi sweetycat, you missed a humbug exchange back in April, but if you take a look here you will see how to make one. Also check out the exchange gallery pictures to see some of the exchange pieces. If you need any more help please send me a PM, and I will do my best to help you

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    thank you it is great from sweetycat

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    I have a question about them. How do I know what size fabric to start with in order for the humbug to be between 3" and 4" at the end???

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    monsta_dude, I would suggest you backstitch a rectangle measuring 6" x 3" when that is stitched and made up you should get a 'humbug' measuring 3". I am pretty sure that when I made one I started in this way, then found a chart that would fit in the rectangle, not the most scientific approach maybe, but it worked

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    Hi, Val. This is the first time I have ever heard of a humbug... Is the stuffing just cotton or something like sachet? It sounds like it is fairly simple and it may be fun.

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    Rebecca, they are stuffed with filing, I use polyester toy filling, and use a knitting needle to poke the filling into the corners It is surprising how much stuffing goes into a little thing like this

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