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    • Stitch Terms *S*

      Sewing Method

      The sewing method is used by stitchers who prefer to hold the fabric in the hand instead of in a hoop.

      The stitcher's hand and needle stay on top of the fabric, except when securing floss. The needle is brought to the upside of the fabric. For doing the stitch properly, it is inserted into the fabric and brought back to the surface in one movement. Then the thread is pulled through. The same method is used for plain hand sewing.

      This method can be done using an embroidery frame or free-hand, but in many cases the use of an embroidery frame or hoop will make the work easier. It needs to be a frame that allows for adjustment of fabric tension, because the fabric mustn't be too strongly stretched in order to allow inserting the needle without pulling the fabric too much.

      Six-Strand Embroidery Floss
      Embroidery floss is a cotton thread used for stitching. Floss has 6 strands, but usually you will use only 2 strands at a time for stitching and 1 strand for backstitching. On Hardanger fabric (22 count) you usually will use only 1 strand; on 11 count Aida use 3 strands to stitch and 2 to backstitch. Most books and patterns suggest either DMC or Anchor brands, which are easy to find at your local craft store.

      Skein of Embroidery Floss
      A skein is a bundle of six-strand embroidery floss usually about 8 yards long. The skein is held together by small paper tubes on which the brand and color number are printed.

      Stab Method
      Stab Method of Cross Stitching is used by most beginning stitchers. The stab method involves moving the hand back and forth from the front of the fabric to the back of the fabric. The needle is "stabbed" into the front of the fabric, left there, and then pulled through from the other side.

      For this a frame or hoop should be used. It can be done faster if the hoop or frame is somehow mounted, so that both hands are free for the embroidery. Then, the dominant hand is held under the fabric, the non-dominant hand above it. The needle is handled by each respective hand without necessity for hand position changes

      STASH - a nickname for your collection of kits, charts and projects.

      Virtual sewing circle where group of stitchers decide to work on same design/ theme and share their progress with each other (by posting images to their blogs or photo hosts).

      Participants decide their own materials, stitch only on their own piece and keep the finished piece. Only the progress is shared.

      Also known as SAL.

      Stranded Cotton
      This is the most popular thread used for cross stitch and is sold as a skein. The thread is made up of six divisible strands. Pull out one, two or more strands to stitch a design, as directed in the key.