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    • Stitch Terms *R*

      Rice Stitch

      Rice stitch is a variation on simple cross stitch. On an open or larger holed fabric it gives the appearance of denser cover, because the reverse side stitching shows through more. It can also be used to produce interesting textures using subtly different all highly contrasting color.

      Round Robin

      Travelling group project by predefined group of stitchers (usually from 4-6).

      Each participant decides their theme and announces it to other participants.
      The theme can be either very generic (i.e. birds, seaside) or, if the group has very similar tastes, a certain design, which all the participants then purchase if they don't already have it.

      The group decides a rotation, for example send-out each six weeks, and rotation list is made. It usually looks something like this:

      A sends to B
      B sends to C
      C sends to D
      D sends to E
      E sends to A

      This means that in our sampler RR five fabrics travel all around the world and each participant works on each fabric when it is their turn - the owner usually stitches on their fabric on the first round of the rotation and then sends it out.

      Eventually fabrics return home and the owner of the Round Robin has a lasting memory of their experience and one's stitching friends.

      Running Stitch

      Running stitch - a straight line of stitches used as an outline or frame for more complicated stitches.