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    • Stitch Terms *L*

      Lazy Daisy

      Decorative stitch usually done over other stitches. It is formed as a loop and a small stitch at the opposite end of the loop to tack it to the fabric.


      Linen is a fabric made with fibres from the flax plant.
      Linen is considered to be the standard of excellence for experienced stitchers. The thread used to weave linen varies in diameter, giving linen fabrics a slightly irregular surface. The thread count of linen is measured by threads per inch, and most designs are worked over two threads, so 28-count linen will yield 14 stitches per inch. Linens are made in counts from 14 (seven stitches per inch) to 40.

      Loop Method

      This method for anchoring floss only works for even numbers of strands. Do not use when stitching with overdyed or variegated floss. If you are using two strands of floss for cross stitching, start with one strand twice as long as you need. Fold it in half. Thread the needle so the two ends of the floss are near the needle and the "loop" is the end farthest from the needle. Pull the needle up through the fabric where you want to start your first stitch. Do not pull the floss completely through - let loop end dangling a little bit below the cloth. Pull the needle back through the fabric to complete the bottom "half stitch". With the needle back down to the underside, run it through the loop, and gently pull the loop tight. Continue stitching.


      Lugana is an evenweave fabric which consists of 52% cotton and 48% viscose.