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    • What is a Stitch-A-Long?

      Definition of a Stitch-A-Long
      Shortly, Stitch-A-Long is a virtual sewing circle where group of stitchers decides to work on the same design/ theme and share their progress with each other (by posting images to their blogs, photo hosts or their own forum gallery).

      Participants decide their own materials (one participant may stitch the design on aida, other chooses fine linen and someone else changes the fabric as well the colours to their liking), stitch only on their own piece and keep the finished piece. Only the progress is shared by posting pictures or links to them in predefined media (it can be done in blogs, email groups or in forums) by chatting about the project, getting help from fellow stitchers if there are tricky parts in the design and adoring the pieces of your fellow SAL stitchers.

      Different SAL types
      There are two types of Stitch-A-Longs: "normal" SALs and Mystery Stitch-A-Longs (MSAL).
      1. SAL: The design is known from the beginning. SALs are usually short-term.
      2. MSAL: The design is a mystery and revealed only one part at the time. MSALs usually take several months (or 1-2 years).

      How Stitch-A-Long forum works?

      Firstly I'd like to remind that all our forum policies apply in this forum too, so NO sharing designs (links to legal freebies are allowed), posting images (unless you are demonstrating a technique, when it is educational - in this case try to keep the image as small as possible) or illegal links. The progress pictures can either be posted to the user's own gallery here in the forum or to an off-site photo host or blog and after this, linked in the post.
      1. If you have a project you wish to work in near future and would like to work it simultaneously with another stitcher/ group of stitchers you can post a question in this forum to see if there is anyone who would like to stitch the same design with you. (Please provide info of the design name, number, if it has one, and the designer and also the time frame when you would like to start.) As our forum is large and worldwide there is a good chance that you will find SAL company.
      2. After you have find some company it's time to set the date when you all have their supplies ready.
      3. You can decide to share the progress after every time you have noticeable progress or, for example, every week.
      4. You start on the date you decided within the group.
      5. The group stitches in their own speed, some faster than others, but it is always courteous to comment on the work of others as positive comments can be very inspiring.