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    • What is a Round Robin?

      A Round Robin is a special form of exchange that involves multiple users on each project with the number of projects equal to the number of participants.

      A round robin is when a few people exchange stitching projects and everyone has a chance to contribute to the other peoples work.

      The first person would stitch something on their fabric and then send it on to the second person who stitches something on that fabric. The second person then sends it on to the third who stitches something as well. It continues this way until it gets back to the person who started the project.

      Each person receives an item each month. The cycle is that each person will contribute a specific part of each others project and then receive their original fabric with everybody's work back at the end of the entire cycle.

      It is one of the most difficult exchanges to coordinate because it involves multiple people. Usually, there are about 4 people in each round robin.