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    • Exchange Galleries

      Hi everyone,

      If you haven't seen them yet, we've created galleries for each of the exchanges.

      Brief run down of how they work...

      Each type of exchange has their own gallery. All the bookmark exchanges will be in one gallery, the ornament exchanges have another, the mail art and needleroll exchanges each have one too (needleroll falls under "Stitcher's Toys), etc, etc.

      Here's how it will work...

      We have started an email address especially for receiving images. Anyone involved in an exchange can send the image and we will upload them into the proper gallery.

      Here's the email address to use: ems.gallery@gmail.com

      We'll need some info from each of you when you send the image to her:

      - title of the image
      - the exchange it was stitched for
      - who stitched it (user name)
      - who it was stitched for (again, user name)
      - when it was stitched

      I love looking at what everyone else has stitched for the exchanges, but they're hard to find in and amongst the member's galleries. This will make it soooooo easy to find them...

      Please send us your images and info we will upload them into the gallery, but please wait until your partner has received their item.
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      1. Dragonlair's Avatar
        Dragonlair -
        I forgot to mention something.

        As some of you have noticed, the exchange gallery images count towards your 1.5 Mb maximum space. We did not intend that and we don't think it did before our latest software upgrade.

        We have found a way to prevent future images from counting against your "quotas". However, it does mean that the only way users will know it's YOUR image is by the description. The "owner" will be different.

        As far as we know, all current images (and there are a lot of them) count against each user's quota. We cannot change that. All we can do is replace the images. If you wish your images to be in the new form and NOT list your name as user or count against your 1.5 Mb quota, please re-submit them (to the new Gmail address) with a note that it is a replacement. We will remove the current image and upload the replacement using the new set-up. Please be clear as to the image to be replaced so we can find it easily.

        For these changes as well as new uploads, please be patient. It may take a bit of time for the actual uploading to take effect. Don't worry, all valid images will appear eventually.

        We will contact you if there are any problems.

        Thanks for your patience and understanding in this time of transition.
      1. ahecker's Avatar
        ahecker -
        I wanted to mention that all the Biscornu exchanges will be uploaded, but we are trying to get them as one file per Biscornu. This means a front a back on one pic. Right now we are receiving a lot of pictures and, until I learn to combine them (hopefully this weekend) there will be a delay in getting them up in the gallery.
      1. stitchingtime's Avatar
        stitchingtime -
        Sorry, I thought a couple of my pics were lost, so I uploaded them to my gallery..
      1. Cariad837's Avatar
        Cariad837 -
        Thanks for letting us know Anne, I think a lot of people were wondering where their photos had got to! Good luck with combining them!
      1. Cariad837's Avatar
        Cariad837 -
        No worries Elaine, I think most of us have got a lot on our plates just now, on and off the board so I'll forgive you!
      1. piplup's Avatar
        piplup -
        Sorry I am new to this site. What is the purpose of Exchange? Is it meant for exchanging the cross stitch that you made or just to exchange the patterns or for sharing only?
      1. Beaj's Avatar
        Beaj -
        Hi and Welcome,
        The exchanges we are talking about are an exchange of articles that we sign up to stitch and then exchange with partners . We have an Exchange Calendar here so one can check what article is being done. To qualify one must be active here on the board for three months before you are allowed to join. Hope this helps...
      1. froggy's Avatar
        froggy -
        Quote Originally Posted by piplup View Post
        Sorry I am new to this site. What is the purpose of Exchange? Is it meant for exchanging the cross stitch that you made or just to exchange the patterns or for sharing only?
        Although we stitch things for others, it is a copyright violation to share patterns. If you give someone a pattern, you can't keep a copy for yourself as that's sharing. Designers use their time and talent to create beautiful patterns for all of us to stitch, so we need to not share their work even if it's free. You can tell someone where to get it tho.