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    • Rules for Exchange Participants

      In all exchanges organized on this board, the following rules must apply. Failure to comply with them will result in being banned from all future exchanges. Signing up for an exchange indicates your agreement to abide by these rules.

      1. You must comply with the organizer’s posted parameters for an exchange, to include all information requested by the organizer and the item(s) to be stitched and/or exchanged. For example: if your real name, e-mail address, and mailing address are requested, you must provide all of them; if an exchange is for hand-dyed linen, size 18x27", you must send that – stock colors or differing sizes are not acceptable; if a bookmark is specified, you must send a stitched bookmark, not a length of ribbon or a store-bought piece of decorated plastic or paper. If you cannot comply, don’t join the exchange.

      2. Please double check your address before submitting it. The person sending the item is not responsible for sending a replacement if they have received the wrong information.

      3. You MUST send the item(s) being exchanged to your partner, within the time frame specified. If the mailing deadline is July 1, you must send it BY THAT DATE – not wait until the 15th. If something unexpected comes up and you are NOT able to comply, you MUST notify the organizer.

      4. You MUST notify the organizer of any change in the personal information originally requested at the time of sign-up for an exchange, such as your mailing address.

      5. You MUST notify the organizer when you have sent and received your item by posting in the appropriate threads, or have someone else post this information for you, if you speak little or no English, or do not, for whatever reason, have your normal access to a computer. Do NOT send the organizer a PM or e-mail in order to report these.

      6. You MUST respond if the organizer of an exchange, one of the moderators, or one of the admin staff sends you an e-mail or a PM with a question regarding the exchange.

      7. Please, do NOT expect the organizer to hold your hand through the exchange process. Organizers are just people, with real lives apart from the board, and don’t have time to answer private messages from 50+ users about things that are already posted on the board. If you have a question about an exchange, please post it on the sign-up thread in "New Ideas", or, if the exchange is already underway, in that exchange’s forum. This not only helps the organizer but might also help others in the exchange. Only send the organizer a private message in order to comply with rules 1 through 4. Simple common sense is in order here!

      8. If your item goes missing in the mail you will be asked to send another. If you cannot do this you will need to inform the organizer. An item will be considered missing if it has not been received within 7 weeks of the send out date.

      9. Failure to complete an exchange in a satisfactory manner is grounds for immediate blacklisting.

      10. Failure to comply with any of the communications requirements, either PMs to the organizer or posts on appropriate threads, WILL be grounds for placing your name on a "watch" list - future infractions of the rules will result in blacklisting.

      We recognize that events occur to disorganize the best of intentions, so we will work with you to enable you to complete your end of an exchange. It is not fair, though, that a person should send off their item, and not receive one in exchange. There has been too much of that happening, and it will not be tolerated!