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    • Cross Stitch Abbreviations

      There are many abbreviations seen on the internet for general purposes. There is a list of some of them included here. However, there are also many abbreviations that are just for cross stitchers. Enjoy these!

      Note that capitalization is not important. Just the letters!

      If you know of more that should be included, please let us know and we'll check them out!

      BAPBig Awesome Project
      BFBlending Filament, Boy Friend, Best Friend (last 2 non-stitching)
      CATSCreative Arts and Textiles Show (US needlework exhibition)
      CMHCross My Heart (designs) - the company closed its doors in summer 2008.
      CSCross Stitcher (U.K. magazine)
      CS!Cross Stitch! (magazine)
      CS&CCCross Stitch & Country Crafts (magazine)
      CS&NCross Stitch & Needlework (magazine)
      CSCCross Stitch Collection (U.K. magazine)
      DDDragon Dream s (designs) or Dear Daughter (non-stitching)
      DMCBrand of embroidery floss
      EMSEllen Maurer-Stroh (best designer! )
      FTLOCSFor The Love Of Cross Stitch
      GASTGentle Art Sampler Threads
      HAEDHeaven and Earth Designs
      HDHappy Dance, something you do when you have just finished a project!
      HOCSHeart Of Cross Stitch (US Needlework Festival)
      HPIHoles Per Inch (refers to fabric's count)
      ISOIn Search Of (then what you are searching for)
      JCSJust Cross Stitch (magazine)
      JNJust Nan (designs)
      L&LLavender & Lace (designs)
      LKLizzie*Kate (designs)
      LNSLocal Needlework Shop/Store
      MHMill Hill (designs and beads)
      MLIMarilyn Leavitt-Imblum (designer of L&L)
      MSALMystery Stitch-A-Long. (See SAL.)
      NIPNot In Print
      NPNeedlePoint, No Problem or Now Playing (last two are non-stitching)
      ONSOnline Needlework Store
      OOPOut Of Print
      ORTOld Raggedy Threads (the ends you trim off)
      PIGProject in a Grocery Sack
      PILFPattern(s) I'm Looking For
      PIWTDPattern(s) I Want To Do
      PMPrecious Moment (designs by Gloria and Pat) or Private Message (non stitching)
      POLPatterns On Line (seller of patterns & materials)
      PPRPost Project Restlessness
      PRPassione Ricamo (designer)
      RRRound Robin
      SEXStash Enhancement eXperience
      SABLEStash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy
      SBShepherd's Bush (designs)
      SCStoney Creek (designs and magazine)
      SINSStash/ Stuff I Never Stitch
      SOCSSpirit Of Cross Stitch (US Needlework Festival)
      SPSecret Pal
      STABLESufficient Trash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy (opinion of non-stitcher to stitcher's stash)
      TCSThe Cross Stitcher (magazine)
      TGOSThe Gift of Stitching: cross stitch magazine published in *.pdf format
      TIAGTold In A Garden (designs)
      TWTeresa Wentzler (designer)
      UFOUnfinished Object - project long started but not completed
      WIPWork in Progress
      WOCSThe World of Cross Stitching
      XSCross Stitch or X-Stitch